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Wight Rock Bar 10th Anniversary



Happy 10th Birthday to The Wight Rock Bar (19th December 2015).

When we started Fret-Buzzing at gigs on the Island, Wight Rock Bar had recently succumb to the challenges no venue wishes to face – noise restrictions and arguments with the local council amongst other things. One of our first assignments was to cover Civil Unrestival back in early 2014 which was an eclectic night of music in aid of raising money for soundproofing (all acoustic and as quiet as possible) so we were kind of late to the party and missed the best, so far, that the venue could offer. Michael Mcintyre performed there. Plastic Mermaids and The Bluetones played there. We missed a lot.

Which is why it’s a momentous occasion to celebrate! 10 years open as a venue, a pedigree of performances and events, hurdles to jump which most people would say ‘bollocks to that’ to, and they’re still open to this day in all their glory. Here’s to another 10 years and quashed noise restrictions – or at least the best soundproofing letting The Wight Rock Bar be as loud as they deserve to be.

Hosted by King Stammers, DJing between acts from Nana Hash, performances from The Ventnor Darlings, Ever and The Weather Kings it was a night to remember. Great to see so many people attend to support this important venue and everyone involved. Oh and the was guest appearance from a Birthday cake.

The Ventnor Darlings

The Ventnor Darlings



Weather Kings

Weather Kings




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