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mona de wolfe isle of wight fret buzz mona de wolfe isle of wight fret buzz


Who’s Afraid of Mona De Wolfe?



So those night owls among you may have noticed, someones been up all night making the final touches to their EP – in between smoking the finest cigars available on the Isle of Wight.

Mona De Wolfe who last month released a couple teaser videos and the song ‘Graveyard Spots‘ has fallen a bit silent (aside from swearing all over Twitter that is). However, the beast is back with his Arctic-Monkeys-on-acid sludgy heavy surf rock for a 6 track EP – available to stream in full below and offered at a ‘pay what you want‘ price over on the Bandcamp page.

We managed to snag some pictures of Mona in it’s Den a couple weeks back and were shocked, but a little bit relieved, to find there is in fact a man behind the mask. The photos are below and are pretty terrifying, awesome but terrifying.. In addition we have an exclusive preview of the music video for ‘Raiders N’ Shakers‘. Warning!! People with motion sickness and epilepsy… will love it! (but seriously maybe watch in a well lit room from a distance)

Let us know if you’re afraid of Mona De Wolfe!



Joseph Hagan - Photographer, Designer & Writer. Professional photographer living on the Isle of Wight. Music tastes in Rock, Metal and Punk. Social Media: Facebook or Twitter

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