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Welcome Pariah @ The Joiners – 8th May 2015



It’s probably bad form to keep covering the same bands again and again. Keep it fresh, find new bands to cover, stop repeating yourself. Not with Welcome Pariah. This is a band who are constantly evolving, improving, finding ways to make themselves better. It’s nice to dip in and out of what they’re doing, always finding something new about them. So for probably the 5th/6th time, here’s a review and photos of Welcome Pariah.

Now with five members including some synths as well as the standard lead, rhythm, bass and drums, Southampton based Welcome Pariah start the night off with their last single – Angel at the Gate. It’s interesting to see the new dynamic of the band since the last time we saw them – at their double A-side single release of the very same track. They look fresher than ever and the addition of synths adds a new welcoming interest to their sound.

Next we have a down tempo version of their huge track – Neither Here Nor There. Such a great tune from the Catch the Moment EP released back in 2013. It’s evolved so much in the time between release way back then and this gig with and almost completely new lineup.

Leading on from this, Lunar Halo next. Another track from that 2013 EP – an instrumental filler track. I’m not sure about this one anymore… I think their old bassist really made this track, and the new one’s style, I don’t think, fits the song too well. I remember the first time I heard that played live thinking wow, thats quite a bold move to have an instrumental track in the middle of a set like this and really loved it. I don’t know, make a new one?

Anyway, next up is an alternative version of Endeavour which is a firm favourite amongst the Fret-Buzz team. I very nearly mistook this for a new song as unusually the lead was taken by Kyall on Bass. Another interesting move which sounded pretty sweet.

Three more tracks to finish the set off. I really like the new sounds coming form Welcome Pariah which are such a contrast from the last time we saw them live back last year. New lineup, new but familiar sound, original music from a localish band – whats not to like? The newer tracks are testament to how far they’ve come over the years pushing out a huge and very approachable sound which resonates with new and old fans alike.

Nice to catchup and see some familiar faces and meet some new ones. Look forward to seeing what comes next.

Welcome Pariah are:

John Waghorn – Vocals/Guitar
Josh Butcher – Vocals/Guitar
Kyall Donovan – Vocals/Bass
Daniel Nash – Drums

Hat? – Synth




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