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WAVES recently released their second EP ‘Young Hearts‘, and we absolutely loved it (here’s our praising review). Unfortunately we couldn’t make it to the EP launch show but we did manage to get a few questions to the band about who they are, what they’re about and what they’ve got planned next:


So, Waves are a fairly well known band around the Island, but for those who still don’t know, who exactly are WAVES?

Waves are Liam Edgington (Bass and Vocals), Kyle Le Moigne (Guitar & Vocals), Benji Summers (Guitar & Vocals) and Tim Whittle (Drums), we formed in 2012 as four friends who enjoy playing music together, starting out as most bands do, jamming out songs we love and then it progressing into something more as we realised we had the sort of chemistry required to be a band and write our own music.

What kind of music do you play?

The term gets thrown around a lot with various different meanings, but we like to describe ourselves as an Alternative Rock band, our songs seem to always have the same Pop sensibility about them no matter what style we’re writing in, which is refreshing as we can write an entirely new song and it still feels like Waves.


Who or what are your influences?

What makes this band such a breath of fresh air to be in is that we all have different music tastes and influences, which we definitely feel comes across in our music, but as far as definitive influences on our sound i think we’d definitely have to say that on the new EP, Mallory Knox, Lower Than Atlantis and Moose Blood were all massive influences on our sound. (– I can definitely see the Moose Blood influence on the new album.)


You recently released your brand new EP ‘Young Hearts’, how was the launch gig itself? What do these songs mean to you, and how have you progressed as a band since the previous release?

We did! The launch party for Young Hearts was a huge success, there was a great turnout and the crowd were so lovely to us as always, we love putting on our own shows because we have the freedom to do what we like with the night, and the ‘Young Hearts’ launch was no different as we had two amazing support acts (Lewis Shepperd & Polar Maps) who are great friends of the band so it was great to get them in for a set too.

The songs mean a great deal to us, they’re a massive step up for us as a band of songwriters as we challenged ourselves to write the best songs possible for this release, rather than recording whatever songs we had, we made sure that only the best songs made it onto ‘Young Hearts’ – lyrically the theme of the EP is based around the theme of being young, being in love and having your heart broken, subjects that we’ve all been through in our lives, and whilst these songs aren’t particularly based on things that have happened to us as in past releases, we resonate with these songs as much as any other because they’re so universally relevant to our audience.

We feel like we’ve progressed massively as a band since our last release, we’re better songwriters and a better live band, but most importantly we’re much better critics of our own work, we’re really strict on ourselves and are the first ones to admit if something isn’t as good as it could have been, but now we sit and ask ourselves why it wasn’t as good and are always working to improve on our past efforts.

What are the next gigs coming up this year, any festival plans?

We’ve got some really exciting things in the pipeline for the rest of the year, we’re currently looking to book up another run of shows across the UK towards the end of the year as well as a couple of cool festival slots lined up, it’s safe to say it’s going to be hard to ignore us for the rest of the year!


What’s the best gig experience you’ve had as a band so far?

We’ve been lucky enough to play some awesome shows in some great venues in our three years as a band; Isle of Wight Festival, Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms and a couple of our self-promoted Island shows are definitely up there, but i think we’d all agree that the launch party for our debut self-titled EP was the best moment for us as a band so far, we managed to pack 120 people into The Wight Rock Bar in Ryde with more waiting outside to be let in, for a band who’d only played their first gig 8 months before, that was an incredible feeling.


Where is the best place for people to find you and your music? (website, facebook, youtube, bandcamp? Etc)

We’re everywhere! 


Thanks a lot for answering our questions guys hopefully we can catch you soon, and thanks to all you fans for reading!



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