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Waves bleed their ‘Young Hearts’ out on new EP | REVIEW



Two weeks ago Isle of Wight band WAVES released their brand new EP ‘Young Hearts‘ alongside a launch show at the Blacksheep Bar in Ryde (I know, sorry for our tardiness on this review). This is the Alt. Rock band’s second EP and though very much so a continuation from 2013’s self-titled release (they’re still the same band) it shows a staggering amount of growth – both musically and personally.

First off it’s nice to hear a British band let the British accents out through song (as opposed to that american twang a lot of singers seem to adopt while, and only while, singing). I feel this adds to the personality and motifs of the album, those of coming to terms with who you are and the things we have to deal with in life – making it more sincere and empathetic.

The album starts with ‘Like We Used to Do‘ (which the band released a music video of HERE). A nice upbeat track that sets up the remainder of the album perfectly. As the title suggests, this is a song about looking back in our lives – something all humans do (perhaps too often) which conjures up mental images of my summer memories from previous years. The song itself comes out pounding with a quick drum fill and then full arsenal of instruments blaring, before settling in to a chilled out verse. The song then ebbs and flows throughout, building up the perfect amount of tension at the right times. With sing-a-long lyrics and that summer vibe it’s a great track to start with.

Immediately with track two, ‘Cast Ashore, the atmosphere changes to more pensive and it sounds distant. The music makes you feel something, and that is the essence of good music. The calmness doesn’t last throughout as distortion guitars erupt back in time for the choruses (and erupt they do). Again, the band execute that level of build up, through guitar hooks and drums building and repeating – which really helps this song, and the others, feel more like a journey somewhere new than a drive round the block.

Fall For Us‘ is another track with a summer vibe, but not those festival days jumping around, more so those summer nights spent under the stars contemplating those thoughts about love, loss and everything in between that just seem to become clearer of an evening. But maybe that’s just me, all I know is the song has been carefully arranged and crafted in such a way as to make you think – deeply. The chorus builds up to crescendo once again to take you from those peaceful thoughts from the soft clean guitar, to an uplifting place of victory accompanied by that raw distortion guitar. Just in time for the abrupt ending, just like summer.

Track four ‘Youth‘ comes the closest to matching the atmosphere of the opening track. With catchy lyrics and a definitely more upbeat tempo. The song covers a topic which everyone has gone through, is going through, will go through – can you guess? The mixture of sadness and acceptance layered within the music suits the song exactly. The bridge is incredibly catchy, with the layered vocal tracks that just scream out that this is an anthem for those coming of age.

Finally, ‘Nightlight‘ closes the album, in the soft somber way that is only fitting for this body of music. The imagery is strong with this one, I challenge you to listen to the song and not picture ‘this little house on the riverside‘ and all the scenery surrounding it. The song definitely goes out with a bang – and a tremendously strong show of vocal talent. But to single out a single member of the band is unfair, as every single member plays their part expertly.


Overall, it’s a fantastic album. Maybe it’s because I’m the appropriate audience. Maybe it’s because writing a review means listening to the music and the lyrics closely and carefully. Maybe it’s because it’s just a fantastic album. Check it out for yourselves below and let us know if it captures your mind like it does mine.


Check back on in a few days to read our exclusive interview with the band where they talk about life, music and some of the thoughts behind creating the EP.

WAVES – Facebook



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