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Rock The Cowes Bars – Episode 2



Building on the success of last months Rock the Cowes Bars event, Cowes is once again alive to the sound of heaps of bands playing 7 venues. With so much to offer on one night it’d be impossible to see every band at every venue, let alone have a pint at each stop and be able to get home in one piece… and trust me, we tried all of that. After a quick runabout to find each bar and shoot bits n bobs for a video we settled into The Anchor to wait for the night to kick off.

Bully Bones

Bully Bones start things off with one of their usual fast paced and punchy sets. By now The Anchor is pretty much full up, even this early in the night, showing how popular this event has become even on its second ever outing. A few photos later and its time to neck what we’re drinking and shuffle off to the next place.

Holly Kirby

At the other end of Cowes high street we find ourselves at the Union Inn where Holly Kirby is playing away to another packed out bar. Covers and originals alike, Holly Kirby doesn’t fail to impress this crowd, sat singing away with guitar on her lap. We only intended to stay for a couple of songs and shoot off to the next venue, but ended up being encapsulated by her presence and voice, so we stayed until the end of her set.

Mess Canteen + Bar

Off to The Mess Canteen + Bar for some more music… and this place is packed too! Jam jar cocktails for £4 each, tempting but for once we’re pretending to be remotely professional. Playing this crowd were two lads in the window with guitars seeming to please everyone. Its tight in here but smiles all round. A few songs later and we’re off again.

Sam Sheasby

Poking our heads into Berties to see if we can catch any Jazz, we wait but find we are in between sets so off we go to the next place. I’m sure the Jazz was very good.. The Fountain is next on the map with Sam Sheasby playing away to a small crowd either propped up against the bar or sat in those comfy chairs. This man has a voice, and plays guitar beautifully too. Cant stay long though, we’ve got places to be, but thanks for entertaining us while we were there Mr Sheasby.

Vectis Tavern

Vectis Tavern next. Here we sit and listen to a fantastic acoustic cover of the Arctic Monkeys ‘R u mine?’ with  a cheeky pint before walking past Pier View across the road. I’m sure its very good in there but it looks like it’s full to the brim, we give it a miss and head towards The Anchor again. Full circle.

The Ohmz

Unfortunately by now we’ve missed Duvaux, however The Ohmz are about to play. And as ever, The Ohmz are awesome! All professionalism out the window, its time for a few beers and a dance. Another great event bringing original local music to Cowes showcasing the wonderful talent we have on this Island. Rock The Cowes Bars: Episode 3 will take place on 29th May so mark that on you calendar!



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