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Introducing: Monarks



MONARKS are a seriously exciting, brand new alt-rock quartet hailing from Bristol. 
With an average age of 20, Monarks met at Access to Music Bristol & ICMP London whilst studying and are now currently residing Glastonbury, feverishly writing, practicing and recording.

With influences ranging from QOTSA to Bloc Party to Lana Del Ray, this band are aiming for stadium sound, and the audience to fill it! And having already received great support from BBC Introducing off the back of their first single release ‘Carry You’, in November ’14, their journey looks hugely promising.

MONARKS are set to self-release their debut EP, ‘The End’, on April 18th ’15.

“‘The End’ covers many topics”, Sam Kinsella (Vox/Guitar) commented’ “It covers love, war, religion & betrayal in all senses”. ‘Each member brings a unique influence to the band, so we are excited to see how people react to our first release.’


1. The End

2. Sirens

3. War Upon Your Lips

4. Be There 

The EP was self produced excluding track 2, ‘Be There‘, that was produced by Paul Reeve (co-produced Muse on ‘Absolution’, ‘Showbiz’, ‘The Resistance’ & ‘2nd Law’).

The full EP was mixed by Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Pixies, Biffy Clyro, Twin Atlantic, The Xcerts)


Sam Kinsella (Lead Vocals, Guitar) 

Matt Arnold (Guitar)

Matt Holloway (Bass)

Paul Hawkins (Drums) / / @MonarksTheBand



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Interview with – Pioneers



Pioneers are set to play a huge headline show at The Loft tonight in Southampton. With support from Fret-Buzz favourites KICKS, this is going to be a gig to remember. So, to get you hyped for tonight, here’s an interview the guys we did a while back with a few pics so you know what to expect and what they look like.

Introduce yourselves

Hi, I’m Toby and I’m lead guitarist.

I’m Sam and I do the vocals.

I’m Charlie and I’m the drummer.

I’m Bailey and I play the bass.

Where are you guys from?

Were all from the Totton and Marchwood area in Southampton – so very local

How long have you been together?

About a year and a month – so not long. End of December 2016. We agreed on new years eve that year to make the band. We’ve done other things with other people before, but this is the only thing that’s really clicked from the beginning. A lot’s happened in a year.

How did you form together – what made it stick?

Sam said we should make the band – that was literally it. Charlie and Bailey just basically picked up an instrument and learnt it for the band. They didn’t play before. Baileys learnt the bass and Charlie’s learnt drums for the band. Me and toby have played guitar for a while with other people, we’ve done a lot of practising on our own but never had someone to fill the roles of a drummer and bassist. We actually did it for a couple of months in school, but Sam didn’t admit that he could sing so we gave up because we didn’t have vocals. Charlie then said he was learning drums again, Sam admitted he could sing, we were wowed, so we started again.

Biggest inspiration?

Our common interest is the Arctic Monkeys but our sound is made from everyones individual inspirations. Toby likes his more Pop Punk music, so when we go heavier that’s more inspired by him. I’m [Sam’s] more into Jamie T, Slaves. Charlie likes more Blossoms, Foals and bands like that. And Bailey only listens to Stereophonics.

You’ve had a single and EP out – how have they been received?

Take Time was really well received, it got on Radio 1, everyone loves that song and it always goes off when we play it. The EP has been taken really well too, a favourite seems to be To Be Cool – that’s the next song we’re pushing. All the tracks are so different so all the feedback we’ve had about each song has been from completely different people. It’s all been good feedback so we’re happy with that. We already know that Take Time is always going to be that song that people are waiting for at a show because it just got picked up so quickly by everyone.

Highlight of 2017?

Headlining The Joiners for the EP launch show – we sold it out at the end so I don’t think it could have gone much better. Meeting Liam Fray from The Couteeners because I’ve liked that band for ages and he sent us a tweet supporting us and telling us we’re going in the right direction.

What’s in store for 2018?

Well, what isn’t? We’re really pushing for festivals in the summer – I think that’s the next logical step for us exposure-wise because people who go to festivals are going for the experience rather than for a certain band, so it’s going to be more people discovering us for the first time. Hopefully there’ll be some news of that upcoming soon.

Literally booking as many gigs as possible. we’ve got our setlist now and we know it’s solid, so we’re trying to play as many shows as we can wherever it is. We have a big show at The Loft at the end of March with Atmos Music – that’s the next big step for us.

Favourite venue played?

It’s still The Joiners probably because of the sound quality and the music being in your face – the drums are loud, the guitars are loud, everyday loves it.

The Music Box in Salisbury is good too. It’s like some weird little night club. You play upstairs, it has sticky floors, and it’s quite busy – in Salisbury, the weirdest of places.

Recommend local bands?

Circus Of Five. They supported us at our last show and a lot of people came up to me and said they really liked that band play played before us. Cool guitar music, good drums, a nice lead singer. There’s the Dead Freights. They’re quite bluesy and quite rock n roll.

Posh Ellen, they’re a new band who seem to be quite good. And we do like Kicks as well, probably for their attitude, they have that rock n roll thing going on.

Why should people come to your gigs?

Firstly for the atmosphere. It’s just got better as we go on. There’s a sort of diehard amount of people who come to most shows, we didn’t think our music is the sort that you can bounce around to, but they seem to like to bounce around to it – they make it work.

The quality of the music is equal to the quality of the atmosphere and the crowd. A lot of people who don’t know our songs say they can still enjoy it based on the whole experience which gets us a really great reception.

Final words?

Listen to our EP and wait for some upcoming festival news. Keep an ear out, there may be another EP coming out at the end of the year.



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Album Review

Bad Wolf, Good EP? – Eyes Are Wild REVIEW



Eyes Are Wild

Eyes Are Wild are an Electronic Rock band based on the Isle of Wight, this is their first release – a 5 track EP. I’m really impressed with it and can’t wait to hear more. Check out my track by track overview/review below.

For fans of: Naked Fridays, Enter Shikari, Muse.

Chemical the opening track on the EP is exactly that. It begins softly, calmly, and draws you in with it’s simple chords under vocals intro – before unleashing a wall of synth, guitar and drums. Peppered with Queen-like harmonies to add some depth to the singing (which is a prominent feature throughout) and a constant high/low stop/start song writing style. It’s an interesting track which is easy to listen to and lays out the musical style and influences for the remaining tracks perfectly – providing plenty of moments to sing the lyrics back.

ICanSee is possibly the best title this song could have, if the point of a title was to allure you into a false sense of security and catch you off guard before attacking with heavy synth and aggressive guitar. This is a very electronic song, from the multiple synths and almost garage-like percussion – very modern. However, the dance in Classical Dance becomes pretty accurate when the song kicks into it’s pulsating main section, featuring powerful sub bass and some very Muse-like falsetto. It’s definitely one that gains further benefits from being played loud, and live.

The third track Rukus is where the heavier influences start to shine through feature a lot more crunchy guitar rhythm, and over driven leads. It’s a fun song that really goes all over the place in terms of vocals and instrumentals and that is nothing but a compliment – it’s fresh and chaotic. It culminates in a nice build up section before finishing on that very signature riff, which comes to grow on you over the duration of the song.

The penultimate track Alone is possibly my favourite song on the EP, due to it’s clear very METAL influences, with complimentary electronics, catchy vocals, and little audio effects and tweaks which help make this a very polished track. Also the main hook is super catchy and will get stuck in your head for sure. It’s got all the tropes of a great metal song (and it’s killer live). Check out the video below:

Finally the album ends with Puzzle, which is simply a well written song. It is constantly building up and messing about with the flow to keep things interesting, it has it’s heavy moments and more calm harmonious sections. Perfectly fading out ready to start the EP all over again.


Overall a very strong start for a debut EP and I hear they are working on new material already! Have a listen and definitely get down to a show next time you have the chance!





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Introducing – Our Nameless Boy



Our Nameless Boy are an Alt Rock/Emo band from Bristol, formed back in early 2012. For fans of bands like Manchester Orchestra, Our Nameless Boy are releasing their EP “A Chorus Shy” which will be available as a free download on Friday 28th August via Bandcamp.

Our Nameless Boy was born of previous punk and indie bandmates and a strong need to move into more emotive, driven territories of musical ambition. This is the band that every member wants it to be; a roller coaster of haunting, affecting melodies against edgy, hard-hitting rhythms, with words that flit between the grandest scale and the tiniest detail. These musical- and lyrical dynamic shifts make for a powerful live performance; no bells, no whistles, just imaginatively crafted songs played as genuinely as they should be heard.

Here’s some links and a video to get you going:

Twitter – @ournamelessboy

Instagram – @ournamelessiain

Website – 

Facebook –



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