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Hello, allow me to introduce myself. I am Ian Vaughan and Mr. Priddle has given me my own corner on this here website. I’m not quite sure what you can expect to find in my corner just yet but I’m assuming it will range from reviews of new and old to musical musings of different kinds. I’ve worked with Jake on a few review projects before and look forward to being involved in this latest venture. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line at and I’ll see what I can do about getting it answered for you.

If you want to keep up to date with what I’ve been listening to or found on Spotify recently, you can follow my most frequent all purpose playlist here:


Thought of the day:
“Best song ever” by One Direction kind of echos Tenacious D’s “Tribute” in some ways. Not sure if that was intentional unlike it’s connection to “Baba O’Riley” by The Who but still made me smile.

Currently listening to:
“D is for Dangerous” by Arctic Monkeys



Ian: Male, 24. I like music. A lot. Seriously. My favourite artist is Just Jack. I like TV. Not as much though. Not sure of my favourite show. Maybe Chuck. I like books. My favourite author is Dave Gorman. I met him once. I like games. Ask me about my retro games collection if you have a spare hour. I like to wear fancy shirts and Vans (but not converse though because that's Jakes domain). For more information ask me in person or add me on Facebook!

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