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FORLEIGH @ The joiners – 31.07.15



Ah yeah nice, a gig at The Joiners straight after work on a Friday – this better be good. It must be good right? If (bassist) Daniel’s invited us (previous bands: Welcome Pariah & Solar Wolf) it has to be good. It wasn’t… it was great!

FORLEIGH is a multi-genre musical collective headed by Forleigh himself – a mysterious talented man who apparently doesn’t want his face photographed, and Benny Jones – an equally talented man who plays guitar, all topped up with various collaborators and artists. A sort of mythical wrecking crew. Oh and they’re on this DIY world tour thing which is pretty cool. Go check that out via:

On to the gig. After cycling home, grabbing some munch, catching a bus, then a ferry it was time to walk the short distance to Southampton Joiners. A brief catchup with Daniel and a beer later, Forleigh take to the stage in front of a sold out venue.

I didn’t really know much about this band beforehand so the whole experience was a surprise to me. I knew Forleigh man would be there, Benny guitarist and Daniel and i guess a drummer would be there, but no, theres more. Two sessional violinists, a backing singer and a keyboard player – all ascending the stage under the cover of everyones favourite; the smoke machine.

Multi-genre-ical sound sensation is probably the best way to describe this gig. There was so much passion coming out of Forleigh it was unbelievable – jerky dancing, soulful vocals, multi-genre (thats the last time i’ll say that i promise), so much atmosphere. I don’t really know what else to say about it. It was an experience. Everything just worked beautifully and the ebbs and flow of the performance kept everyone engrossed to the point of requesting like a million encores.

What a great concert, if you get the chance to see Forleigh as a whole play, just go for it. You wont regret it.

Take the time to admire his website and listen to a few of their recorded tracks:

Here’s some pics:



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