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From our experience, there seems to be a large rise in producing EPs and singles rather than full length albums. Being shorter, they are a great place to start for emerging bands and artists, who just want to get some material out into the world. Just because it has slightly fewer tracks doesn’t mean it doesn’t need artwork. All the rules still apply regarding promotional value and musical extension.

If anything, for newer artists attracting that initial attention can really be critical in getting your work out there and the band off the ground. Plus it’s more of an incentive to sell physical copies, it becomes more rare and more of a collector’s item – which in turn is more profitable than splitting your costs with iTunes and other digital distributors.

At the same time digital distribution is crucial in getting your music out there, and as accessible as possible. But that also means that your music (to most) will be reduced to a thumbnail, in a wall of other thumbnails. Having really great, engaging artwork will help you stand out from the rest and making that extra effort to create something meaningful really shows through to potential fans.

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