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Cover artwork is iconic. All great albums, whether released on vinyl, CD, digitally, or somewhere in between have cover art. You see it before you even hear the song in some cases; it could even be the reason you decided to listen in the first place.

Good cover art could be a number of things. But truly great cover art needs to be both relevant and aesthetically pleasing. It could be as simple as a single word, or a complex illustration, as long as it looks good and is relevant, it will grab attention and gain new listeners.

As a result of these factors our process for creating cover art comes as something we call ‘concept to completion’ in which we take a concept, be it the band’s name or style, album title, or even a line of lyrics you really love, and we work that out into an idea, thus ensuring it’s relevance. Then developing this through planning with constant drafts and input we can create something we are both really happy with by the time the project reaches completion.

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