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Coffee Jingle Festival 2 @ Joiners 17.04.15



Friday we headed down to Coffee Jingle Records‘ second all-evening festival over at Southampton’s The Joiners venue; to check out a whole heap of local British music.

Due to missing the intended boat to come across from the Isle of Wight, I missed the first two bands – so Three Quarter Smile and Shiddys, I apologise, hopefully we’ll catch you next time! Though I did manage to catch Shiddys‘ final song, which sounded great and hearing people around the venue refer to their set as being ‘hilarious’ just made me feel so much worse for missing it. Likewise in order to catch the last boat back I could only stay for two songs of headline act Maverick‘s set – but I did manage to get some photos and hear Bad Boy Nick which is a fantastic song.

Anyway, the first band I saw perform were Nomura. Self identified as Stoner-Pop I can’t help but whole heartedly agree. Hints of Nirvana shining through with song styles and pacing, but Nomura went harder on the heavier bits and softer on the light sections. Throw in some killer riffs, a couple of solos and a drummer who looked happier than any individual I’ve ever seen before, after smashing a kit around for 30 minutes. Great energy and a huge sound for a 3-piece.

Next up were Kodah who mixed high lead sections with fuzzy distorted rhythm to create an almost DIY Smashing Pumpkins style sound. They gave an energetic performance running about all over the place, interacting with the crowd and throwing around chat (/insults/jokes) between members. The set reached a highpoint with last years single ‘Forever‘ being played, seemingly being the song the fans were waiting for.

Now, it’s been said before, and it will definitely be said again, but the next act Dead Happy are Birmingham’s answer to Mindless Self Indulgence. But after seeing Dead Happy perform live I can honestly say that’s nothing but the most sincere compliment. For just two guys, a guitar, a couple of synths and large amounts of energy drink the duo hugely entertained the crowd for the entire set – which they were ‘rapidly approaching the end of’ for a good 15minutes. Between the sporadic vocals, quirky lyrics, chunky guitars and varied electronics it really was a spectacle worthy of … spectating.

Second to last up were Caught In A Crossfire local pop-punkers from Portsmouth. Definitely delivering more punk than pop, taking everything that makes the genre catchy, lyrics, hooks, sing-alongs. But throws in some heavier sections, a couple of solos and heaps of riffs – think early early Blink 182. Stage presence and audience involvement was huge, getting everyone up close, involved and enjoying themselves. Premiering a couple new tracks off the upcoming EP out next month and some favourites such as ‘Thinking About Me’. It rocked.


Overall it was a great night, really friendly atmosphere and pretty good sound quality. So thanks to the Joiners for hosting it and Martin Wake over at Coffee Jingle Records for making it all happen. The next Coffee Jingle Festival is already in the works for next year which we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on.

The Mavericks.
Caught in a crossfire band
Dead Happy

Coffee Jingle Records



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