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BaDow – In My Arms – EP Review




This is our review of BaDows third EP – In My Arms.

Intro – Epic intro with the classic BaDow sound blending seamlessly into track number two. Instantly sets the tone for the EP getting you slowly and meaningfully nodding your head with that grimace that only dirty, bluesy rock can give you.

Fess Up – Carrying on with the same riff from the intro track, Fess Up keeps the pace going asking you to ‘fess up’, ‘who’s that girl you’ve been talking to?!’. Slowing down for the middle of the track with a sweet breakdown before building back up to the finale ever so slightly hinting at a guitar solo.

In My Arms – Wait a minute… is this a concept EP? Is this track about the girl asking for a confession taking that guy back with an over optimistic view that everything ok ‘i wont look back’ but really theres a whole heap of doubt? Anyway, this is a seriously catchy track which delivers on that hint of a solo heard in the previous song.

Figure It Out This Time – All evidence points towards a continuing story here. I love a concept album. She’s moved on now…. This track has a much darker tone than the rest of the EP, reaching towards spiteful lyrics, dirtier guitar effects and a faster pace. Probably the most memorable track from this recording with its pulsing melody coursing through the song. Oh, and another solo. Thats whats missing from most local music – guitar solos.

Never Gonna End – Massive guitar riffs, great bass foundation and solid drums all topped off with that voice, a great end to a great EP. The breakdown and finale to this track too. Wow!

Ok, so overall this is a fantastic EP. More epic guitar riffs than before, solo galore, deep bass lines to compliment, outstanding vocals and drumming to boot. A well recommended listen and i highly suggest getting copies of their previous releases too.

Artist: BaDow

Album: In My Arms

Release Date: 18th June

Genre(s): Groove/Rock

Location: Isle of Wight

Members: Bradley McGinty – Bass, Jodie Amos – Drums/Vocals, Sam Morris – Guitar

Label: Unsigned

Facebook Link:

Bandcamp Link:

Twitter Link:

YouTube Link: 



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