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Album of the week #3



Mikill Pane – Blame Miss Barclay

Individually the songs in this album range from catchy clever pieces to something quite thought provoking but together, the interweaved characters and storytelling involved is something really quite special. Often offering as much of a journey in 5 minutes as some films achieve in an hour and a half, this really pushes what music can be.

How many albums create characters that get you excited to learn the next part of the story about? (Of which there is plenty of extra curricular reading!) Puntastic to the core with bucket loads of witty word play, this is a much recommended musical dissertation.

– Ian



Ian: Male, 24. I like music. A lot. Seriously. My favourite artist is Just Jack. I like TV. Not as much though. Not sure of my favourite show. Maybe Chuck. I like books. My favourite author is Dave Gorman. I met him once. I like games. Ask me about my retro games collection if you have a spare hour. I like to wear fancy shirts and Vans (but not converse though because that's Jakes domain). For more information ask me in person or add me on Facebook!

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