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#1 (well….#2) Single of the week – Are You With Me – Lost Frequencies



Little mix have managed to keep their number one spot for another week so I’ll be reviewing the number two song, ‘Are You With Me’ by Lost Frequencies.

When I found out I had to review this song, I cried a little. It pains me to even listen to it. After I did some agonising research, I discovered that it’s a remix of a country song by Easton Corbin.

The original song is actually quite nice to listen to because it’s not the same thing repeated A THOUSAND TIMES, but alas, I must listen to the Lost Frequencies version that made it to number two in the charts. It previously made it to number one in the beginning of July and has lasted a surprising 13 weeks hovering around the top spots in the charts.
‘Are You With Me’ is very catchy; it’s well produced, the guitar hook can get stuck in your head for hours, and it has the inclusive ‘are you with me’ that seems to make all the YouTube commenters go wild.

Untitled-4 Untitled-5 Untitled-3 Untitled-2

Other than that it’s just a refrain from the original song sped up and repeated with the occasional effect added to the instrumental to try and make it sound less repetitive.

That’s literally all the song is, there’s no separate sections of the song to review because it is just the one section. I kind of understand why the song is doing so well, but at the same time I really don’t.

This is the type of song listened to by people who constantly share those annoying posts on Facebook saying ‘I’d rather be one a beach by a fire than in a club’ yet spend every Friday night getting smashed in Yates.

I give this song 1 out of five. I’ll give their other songs a chance in the future but I hope I never have to hear this song again.



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