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#1 Single of the week – Drag Me Down – One Direction



I’m back to reviewing a number one single this week and unsurprisingly it’s One Direction who have knocked Little Mix off of that top spot with their new song ‘Drag Me Down’.

I’m sure you all know One Direction so there’s no need to bore you with a history. ‘Drag Me Down’ is the bands first song without Zayn, let’s see how they sound without him!

I have listened to some of their songs before (it’s kind of hard to avoid them) and it always feels like a writer has been told to go with a specific style or artist and copy it, and it’s no different with this song. It’s clearly very influenced by Bruno Marz, very ‘Police’ sounding; the guitar tones and the ‘nobody, nobody’ section in the chorus especially.

In the verses the changes between who sings each section sounds sort of strange, it doesn’t flow well, but I guess that’s sort of a difficult one to avoid when there’s four singers. I also feel like each section has just been cut up and slotted in, nothing really flows well into each other.

The pre chorus feels like it’s leading you into something, adding instrumentation and the claps to make you feel like it’s building up to a big chorus but it just drops into half time and makes you feel kinda cheated; you want that big epic pop chorus.

I don’t know what else to say apart from it’s kind of catchy. There’s no big section, it feels like it builds but nothing exciting really happens. It just manages to sound kid of good, but that’s just the sound they are emulating that sounds good, the actual song is just average. The guitars tones, instrumental, production, that all sounds great; we know they can sing because like Little Mix, they were on the X Factor but its just another song written for them copying the style of another song to keep them relevant, I don’t really feel like they technically have a sound, as they just copy lots of other peoples’.

I give the song 2.5 out of 5 because everything sounds great apart from the actual song itself.




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