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#1 (#2 again) Single of the week – Shine – Years & Years



Little Mix is number one for a third week with ‘Black Magic’, so this week I’ll be reviewing the number two single of the week which is ‘Shine’ by Years & Years.

‘Shine’ didn’t make it to number one like their previous single ‘Kings’ but it has spent 4 weeks hovering around the top spots in the charts. It’s a mellow electronic pop song with refreshing production and the vocals have an R&B feel to them, however, it’s lacking that PZAZ that’s possibly stopped it from reaching that number one spot.

The verses are instrumentally thin, showing of the emotion in the vocals and it builds very slightly in the pre chorus. The chorus lacks a punch; it doesn’t elevate but yet still manages to be catchy and the vocals that worked well to show emotion in the verse don’t bring enough power to the chorus. Keeping with the mellow feel the bridge doesn’t bring anything new and it’s the point that clearly shows how weak the vocals are. The short instrumental break that follows sounds good and is promising but ends just as it begins and makes you wonder why it was even there in the first place.

It’s a nice change to hear music aimed more at an ambient electronic feel reaching the top spots in the charts, however the need to make it more commercial is what has essentially ruined the song. It has a good hook, it would just be nice to see them be a bit more adventurous.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 – Overall it is a good song, although a bit flat and repetitive. It could have been made so much better, they just needed to take more of a risk and give it that kick that would make it less bland and more of a number one hit.



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